Sunday, 15 March 2015

Illustration steps for 'On Reflection'

A passage of time shown within my illustration. My previous post was the birth of the concept below. Working backwards you can see how I fill out the illustration. I'm a bugger going straight for the biggest thing (the tree) but I did make sure I created a draft piece first (bottom pic) to allow me to understand where I wanted light and shade. Because this piece is for me, I've allowed myself to make changes as I've gone along, I still am! I can be a bit changeable, but that's only when I'm working on a picture for myself, for others I like to get the idea pretty much finalised and if there's some changes they shouldn't be too big. I like using pencil, but this piece is A2 and I feel like throwing all my pencils out of the window! I'll post the finished piece soon :)


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