Sunday, 17 February 2013

Random stuff on my mind.

I left it so late last night that I was too tired to write anything, so I've decided after today to blog in the morning/afternoon. Makes sense really...

Anyway, Stuff on my mind...
1. Why did the execs stop 'My Name is Earl?'
2. Wondering if my bear is ok in the studio?
3. Why do some people NEVER smile?
4. Why is the shop owner near the studio act as if he's better than everyone else?
5. Where's my ideal job?
6. Will being 40, suck?
7. Better start the baby portrait I've been asked to do.

Such a boring list. I'm glad I wasn't thinking about serial killers and ghosts like I usually do...

Here's a random picture I found in my phone...

Friday, 15 February 2013

Ok, I admit it, it was me

I must remember not to leave my Blogary until the evening, I just can't be arsed to write it. My brain is saying "leave that **** alone" but I've already missed one day, admittedly on purpose to see how I'd feel not writing this blog (bit poopy), so I must endeavour to write earlier.
Anyhoozles, I got to thinking about things I've done in the past but never admitted was me...

1. I shaved my Barbies head and not the friend I blamed it on.
2. It was me that 'passed wind' in the cereal aisle and not the guy I looked at in disgust when a couple were twitching their noses at the nasty niff.
3. The tender age of 15 I found a purse and never handed it in. I then lost my purse a week later. Karma I love you.
4. It 'twas I that had the smelly cabbage trainers on the bus and not the sports guy coming home from the gym.
5. I found the exam too hard and cheated by having some answers up my sleeve.

Maybe I'll write some more later but that was difficult!!!
So instead I'll leave a photo of the new wall going up in the studio :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

25 days to go and making a new mask

Well it's that time again. Here I am trying to find something to write about, something interesting I can read back on when I'm older. However, only silly words are coming to mind; like, bum-crack and poopy. So instead I'll leave a little photo of a mask I'm working on at the moment (I much prefer saying the word poop, than sticking an almighty amount of diddly feathers down)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 3 of the countdown to my 40th and happy cloud painting ala Bob Ross

"Mom. Mom. MOM!! I've painted some happy clouds. On a door. And it was snowing outside. And we ate beetroot."

Friday, 8 February 2013

loo prentice - illustration and wafflings: Goal setting, blog writing and 40th birthday

loo prentice - illustration and wafflings: Goal setting, blog writing and 40th birthday

Goal setting, blog writing and 40th birthday

Eeyoop. Over here. Can you believe it? No, neither can I. I'm writing a blog again. What's inspired me? My looming 40th birthday, which is just over 4 weeks away. Soooooo I've decided to write a blog/diary a day until my 40th d-day....I mean b-day. Ive also decided to call it a Blogary. It's a diary in a blog form, so viola, Blogary was formed. I'm sure I'm not the first to call it that anyhoozles.

I'm going to kick off with an introduction to my studio space, seems appropriate as I'm sitting here....ahem....working...

Here's some piccies...