Saturday, 10 March 2012

hubble bubble, toil and computer aided colour

Well, i think it's possibly finished, finally. I didn't want to put too much colour into this image as i think it works better with the suggestion of hue. I'm waiting to hear from the client and then hopefully i can hand it over soon. I have a 2nd one to do for them and am chomping at the bit to get that going. It's all formulating inside this brain, so i need to get that down on paper. I'm pretty pleased with this image as a whole.

now to drink some tea and eat some toast to celebrate....

Sunday, 26 February 2012

hubble bubble toil and pencil smudges

Just getting to the end of a commissioned piece for a friend of a friend. I've thoroughly enjoyed doing this pencil image. I pretty much had free reign apart from a few requests. I'll soon be adding colour to a scanned copy, which i'm really excited about as i can't wait to experiment with colour on this. I've still to add more to the back ground and darken some areas but i'm really happy with what i've created. Hopefully i'm getting my confidence back, finally, after a couple of years of it hiding away.
I need to note to myself, it's amazing how much smudge i can create, even when hardly touching the piece, there's always a little bit of pencil dancing around in the wrong place. I bet if i stared at it long enough there'd be a smudge forming in unwanted places!
Well, it's time to finish this up and move along to colour, i'll post here soon. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dusting off the pencil and birth of a new story

Well once again i look at the lack of entries into my blog and feel a bit cacky-poop i haven't written in a while but since the move from Exeter to Brighton, it's all been a bit hectic and unsettled. So finally i feel a lot lighter and more inclined to start blogging again. So here's a little peak at the image i am working on for a new story.

Nothing much but my sketchbook is getting full of little doodles and thumbnails. I haven't felt this good about my work in a long time.

I'm also working on 1 of 2 commissions which is very exciting as i think it's going to look good. Yup, i'm blowing my own trumpet.....parp parp parrr parp