Tuesday, 10 March 2009

By Eck....jimminy cricket.....stone the crows. A new direction.

After a couple of months of to-ing and fro-ing at the publishers. They have finally sent the contract to my agent. It's been a long time coming and i feel exhausted waiting for the Yay or the Nay, but i finally have the Yay.......yippeee. Lots of work to do in the coming months but i am so excited that i don't care that i will be working my fingers into stubs. I'm just happy i have some focus and know which way i am going now (well for the next few hours anyway...lol). What a fantastic birthday present for tomorrow, it's on par with the Loaf of Crusts i received a few years ago.

The extent of my celebration went to eating a lovely take-away last night and quite a few Oreo Cookies this morning....rock and roll all the way eh!

Sunday saw me on an adventure up to Bristol to meet the South West illustrators group and join them in a little jolly and a chat about our work. What a lovely bunch (damn there weren't any coconuts to end that sentence) of people. I am happy to name drop Babette Cole as one of the members and look forward to chewing her ear off in the near future. Lots of lovely work was shown and hopefully at the next meeting there will be more to browse. Exciting times.

Erm....anything else to report....hmmmm well all i can say is things are slowly moving forward and i hope it will grow nice little shoots that grow into lots of other lovely things. Amen.