Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lists and things

Ooo what a day i'm having. There's so many things written on my list of things to do. Here's a little shifty into my world of list writing...
  1. Get some stuff
  2. draw some bits on the dooberry
  3. POLAR BEAR bum
  4. moosic
and there we have it, a list of deep thought and importance. Hmmm, yes, i'll be sorted if i get that list ticked off, eh!. Anyway enough of that waffle (or is it dribble/drivvle?). 

I haven't blogged in ages and feel pretty poop for not getting my inner most waffle on here for people (or beings) to read some time in the future. So why haven't i been waffling....i mean blogging? Well mainly due to sorting out my illness which has boiled down to be chronically fatigued. Remedy? Oh yes! I had a food intolerance test done and it looks like i'm intolerable...i mean intolerant to dorito's. Uh huh, those and wheat, fructose, dairy, yeast and celery. Hmmm but fear not i can eat saw dust and S.F.A. Don't worry about me i'll be fine. 3 bean salad here i come.

I've also been working on book roughs for Egmont publishers... i'm loving it. If not a little wobbly at times with my 'style' (god bless Martin for making me shudder when i use the word style) i am endeavoring to have fun with my work. I've been around some really negative people which makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs "it's a PUPPET" (i know i know, i don't make much sense, at least i know i don't make sense, that's half the battle isn't it?) 

So here's an image i really like that i produced a couple of weeks ago (above), it was sent to the author and she loved it. YAY....(mental image....Loo clicks heels in the air). 

Erm, yes and i've done a few more. I'll add at a later date, i have to finish ticking things off my list. Joy.