Saturday, 17 January 2009

Scone the crows

Ok 2 scones (sc-owns) were maybe 2 too many (say that with your mouthful). Naughty me!! Now i have stomach ache and i'm tired. That'll learn me for not listening to my nutritional therapist.

Today was an enlightening day. You know when 'you know' something is just right, it just kinda fits into place, as if it's always been there. I had a good day (thank you, if you're reading this, yes you know who you are!) and i intend to follow my path a lot more, rather than straying onto little mini paths which lead me back to the beginning. I'll also take the tennis ball with me, just to keep me focused (don't ask!).

Well next week is almost upon me and there's the big cheese meeting at the publishers. I am excited, fearful, nervous, optimistic all rolled into one big fat 'waiting by the phone for phone call' blob. It'll come soon, i must wait it out (pass me my knitting).

Just wondering if i could post a new image on here? Ah yes, i'll post this one (above!) Just a quick sketch, but i liked doing it. (Strangely i've even started dreaming about polar bears).

Well that's about it for today. I'll bimble on my way now.