Monday, 21 April 2014

Has it been a year since I last blogged? It can't be? I guess my Easter resolution is to now write more blog stuff. So here I am today writing about my new website. I built it. Yup, I built it using Wix and it was quite easy (well sort of), apart from the SEO stuff which I'm tearing my hair out over!
I'll be bald, bald I tell you if it goes on any longer. I cried tears into my easter eggs yesterday. Anyhoozles, here's my new site.
Hopefully this'll kick me in the pants to write new stuff. Interesting stuff and not just about doughnuts and sweets.

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Emmanuelle D ....sheeiiiiip said...

BRAVOOOO bravissimo! congrats for this beautiful piece of work, the site is great and very colorfullll.... Bravo !