Friday, 15 February 2013

Ok, I admit it, it was me

I must remember not to leave my Blogary until the evening, I just can't be arsed to write it. My brain is saying "leave that **** alone" but I've already missed one day, admittedly on purpose to see how I'd feel not writing this blog (bit poopy), so I must endeavour to write earlier.
Anyhoozles, I got to thinking about things I've done in the past but never admitted was me...

1. I shaved my Barbies head and not the friend I blamed it on.
2. It was me that 'passed wind' in the cereal aisle and not the guy I looked at in disgust when a couple were twitching their noses at the nasty niff.
3. The tender age of 15 I found a purse and never handed it in. I then lost my purse a week later. Karma I love you.
4. It 'twas I that had the smelly cabbage trainers on the bus and not the sports guy coming home from the gym.
5. I found the exam too hard and cheated by having some answers up my sleeve.

Maybe I'll write some more later but that was difficult!!!
So instead I'll leave a photo of the new wall going up in the studio :)


June said...

LOL... those admissions made me smile. Do you feel cleansed now?
Keep going Loo... post when you want to, not as an obligation. Your friends will always be pleased to hear from you.

loodles said...

I feel slightly cleansed! Not sure my friends are too fussed for my ramblings. It is nice to read back over my random waffles though. My legacy will live on...LOL!!