Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dusting off the pencil and birth of a new story

Well once again i look at the lack of entries into my blog and feel a bit cacky-poop i haven't written in a while but since the move from Exeter to Brighton, it's all been a bit hectic and unsettled. So finally i feel a lot lighter and more inclined to start blogging again. So here's a little peak at the image i am working on for a new story.

Nothing much but my sketchbook is getting full of little doodles and thumbnails. I haven't felt this good about my work in a long time.

I'm also working on 1 of 2 commissions which is very exciting as i think it's going to look good. Yup, i'm blowing my own trumpet.....parp parp parrr parp


June said...

Nice to see a lovely piece of new work on your blog.

loodles said...

Just starting slowly June, thanks for stopping by and commenting :)