Thursday, 7 May 2009

a very helpful website for freelancers and some news

Well i'm not sure if this will help anyone but it's full of advice and guidelines. If, like me, you hate dealing with the money side of things, you might want to go to this website... Freelance Fees Guide it covers so many aspects of freelance work, that i am sure someone could use it for advice. If not maybe throw it to the wolves....

Anyway enough of the darker side of things. Stuff (don't you just love that word....stuff...stuff....stuff it....stuff up, his stuff, her stuff, their stuff) with Egmont is moving forward and i have another date set to meet up with them to show all my work for The Flower in the Snow story. 'Yippee', i cried when i heard the news, but that was choked back when i realised i had SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WORK TO DO in such a small amount of time. So i now have to get off my butt and pull my proverbial socks up (any higher and they'll be hitching a ride on my lugholes). I could write a list of things i need to do by then, but, and this may sound stupid, i don't actually know what i need to do. I know what i want to do and that's get a big crayon, a roll of wall paper and make messy with it. Alas, i doubt this will get me very far when they ask to see pictures of polar bears and rabbits and other strange things.

So now i am here thinking 'jeeee....sus, what shall i do next?'. Where's all the advice i stored away during the 3 years i was at uni? This is when i realise it's a lonely life as an illustrator, who do i turn to to help me get done what i need to get done. I hate to put myself onto other people, sometimes it's hard to ask for advice as i hate bothering friends. I guess i shall have to put it out into the universe and maybe whilst i'm at it i'll ask for some scones, a nice cake stand for my friend, a new pencil and a castle. (does anybody else want anything whilst i am asking the universe to deliver?)
Well i guess i'll say watch this space and thanks for reading, i hope the website i linked to is helpful.


Faye said...

The best advice I can give you hon (if you don't know what to do) is ask them! It's completely ok to ask what they'd like to see for the meeting in terms of roughs and sketches etc, etc - it's your first book, and I'm sure they'll understand. GORGEOUS name, by the way 'The Flower in the Snow' - yum! I bet it will be soooooo beautiful, now get drawing! *Cracks whip* xx

loodles said...

Faye, thank you for the crack of the whip and the advice, most appreciated. Although i am soooo full of cold at the moment, i can't do anything! x

cassia said...

I can tell you what NOT to do. Don't put your favourite picture in the bin, run around for an hour hunting through empty tuna tins and bread bags looking for it, sit hyperventilating about it for an hour on the edge of tears and THEN realise you actually just put it in the other room in one of those never-ending piles of paper you seem to have accumulated... Contrary to popular belief, that does not help the nerves at all! I'd DEFINITELY recommend against it!

P.S. You'll be fine. Hush your worrying, Woman!


loodles said...

ah yes, the putting it in the wrong pile trauma, it happens to us all (and if not, WHY NOT!) I try to hush my worrying but it still remains largely, in the frontal lobe (The frontal lobe is important for cognitive functions and control of voluntary movement or activity)....but thank you for the vote of confidence! I shall be fine once i have got over my melodramatic witterings! xx