Monday, 22 December 2008

Bah humbag and stuffing Santa back up the chimney.

Well here we are again. Writing those conscious and unconscious thoughts (the unconscious usually go something like this "wkjjh egf sergg aehr g g  ejrhge quack", so i'll refrain from sharing too many of those).

I am not feeling christmassy. No really, it betrayed me, it came and it left very quickly. Whoosh. I enjoyed the feeling for as long as it was here but it decided to say it was leaving. oh well. Another time!

I am enjoying the twinkly lights and seeing other people enjoy this time of year. Even in times of economic crisis it's good to see people gesticulating 2 fingers in the direction of the bank gods and spending like crazy. 

I heard from Egmont about my work and so far so good. The roughs went to another meeting and they were praised quite highly. Some stuff to change but isn't that the way! Hand in date is early January and then i have to wait for the greenlight meeting. In the mean time my agent wants colour work to take around so i think i'll be busy for next coming months. (Probably a good thing as i seemed to have lost my other glove and my hand is cold waiting for the glove to be given back to me).

It's still a lonely life as an illustrator but hopefully the new year will bring some new challenges and people to meet. I look forward to it. Get rid of the old and bring in the new please!

I thought i'd share another rough with you (above probably as i haven't worked out how to insert image between para's). I quite like the way they look on screen, gives me hope for publication :o)

So the Santa stuffing, shall i do it if he decides to visit me? Hell yes and i'll send him packing with some (bah) humbugs too ksdjgf w gkaw gdag js  v we gt d quack ;o)


Darren Michael Strecker said...

My subconscious thoughts don't even contain vowels...your work is great, thanks for sharing it and your vivid thoughts.


loodles said...

Hi Darren. thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I shall devour your words shortly ;o)

The Grocer said...

This is getting weird, every time you mention gloves I get another pair handed in. Two red ladies gloves not more than two hours ago from outside the shop. I know your glove is a metaphor but it's still weird.

loodles said...

now that is weird!! Oooo maybe the universe is listening and somewhere someone is playing out my metaphors!! (weird huh!!)

Nick Gressle said...

Seeing your B&W roughs is wonderful!
Sorry Christmas Whooshed by so quickly...But isn't that the thing with magic? It brings a dazzle and a flurry, and then off it goes as quickly as it arrived!

Quite a fickle thing really. But we all get pulled in by it year after year :-)

Happy New Year!


loodles said...

thank you for looking! Yes it's easy to get caught up in christmas and yes it's a fickle thing sometimes but at least it's a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate!

Happy new year to you too