Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lists and things

Ooo what a day i'm having. There's so many things written on my list of things to do. Here's a little shifty into my world of list writing...
  1. Get some stuff
  2. draw some bits on the dooberry
  3. POLAR BEAR bum
  4. moosic
and there we have it, a list of deep thought and importance. Hmmm, yes, i'll be sorted if i get that list ticked off, eh!. Anyway enough of that waffle (or is it dribble/drivvle?). 

I haven't blogged in ages and feel pretty poop for not getting my inner most waffle on here for people (or beings) to read some time in the future. So why haven't i been waffling....i mean blogging? Well mainly due to sorting out my illness which has boiled down to be chronically fatigued. Remedy? Oh yes! I had a food intolerance test done and it looks like i'm intolerable...i mean intolerant to dorito's. Uh huh, those and wheat, fructose, dairy, yeast and celery. Hmmm but fear not i can eat saw dust and S.F.A. Don't worry about me i'll be fine. 3 bean salad here i come.

I've also been working on book roughs for Egmont publishers... i'm loving it. If not a little wobbly at times with my 'style' (god bless Martin for making me shudder when i use the word style) i am endeavoring to have fun with my work. I've been around some really negative people which makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs "it's a PUPPET" (i know i know, i don't make much sense, at least i know i don't make sense, that's half the battle isn't it?) 

So here's an image i really like that i produced a couple of weeks ago (above), it was sent to the author and she loved it. YAY....(mental image....Loo clicks heels in the air). 

Erm, yes and i've done a few more. I'll add at a later date, i have to finish ticking things off my list. Joy.


The Grocer said...

Almost fell off my chair, a post by loo prentice, rare as rocking horse shit. Love the new pic look forward to seeing more.

Josie-Mary said...

Hello my lovely.... not sure if you will know me as Josie-Mary but if you visit my blog you'll work out who I'am!!! Found your blog via facebook & someother site... I went to look at your cards. I love the picture, you're a clever girl. It's so funny I found you here because I was thinking of you this morning when I was reading about an illustrator called Claire Fletcher, not sure if you've heard of her but the people I talk to on here rave about her work. It's very good but I was thinking you could do better....anyway I was planning on sending you a message to get on here because loads of people sell stuff & it's all about getting your name out there.
You can also read about my crap life!!! It'll be odd having someone you know read about you 'cos you can't pretend to be cool & hip!!! I'll become a follower if that's ok :) xx

loodles said...

hey thanks for taking a look. And yes my blogs are rare as rocking horse doo doo, but hopefully not any more if i help it! Mr Grocer nice to see you on here, how the devil be you be?

The Grocer said...

I could tell you Loo but I'd turn your comments box into my blog, check out how we're doing with twins over at my blog. Regards
Alan x

Karen Lee said...

This is a fantastic magical image. You have a cool sense of impending action - restrained and exhuberant at the same time.

I'll be stopping by to see more.

loodles said...

Hey Karen. thanks for stopping by and taking a look, plus the lovely comments have given me a big smile. So thank you for brightening my day :o)

Poppet said...

Beautiful sketch... :)